Web Software Engineer (Backend) (F/M/X)

December 5, 2021
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Job Description

What we’re looking for

Within a passionate coding environment we would like to welcome a new team-member with web development skills to work on current and new projects.


  • A young, flexible and sympathetic team
  • Flexible working hours
  • A lot of room for your own ideas. We always highly encourage you to work on them together with the team.
  • Modern offices at Hamburg “Schanze”, the Münster “Prinzipalmarkt”, at the “Görli” park in the factory Berlin, in the GRO36 space in Jönköping Sweden or fully remote and in our VR-office in Spatial – that’s up to you!
  • Choose your tech equipment
  • A free public transportation ticket or bike with a maintenance agreement in the city you work in
  • Regular team events and a creative working atmosphere
  • CCC Ticket or other educational trainings / tools on request
  • Bring your dog to work ????
  • A progressive work environment – we provide VR Glasses (Oculus Quest 2) for you to experience immersive meetings from a distance


  • You will be joining a growing team of 11, located in Münster, Hamburg, Berlin and Sweden
  • Together with our team members you will be working on client projects
  • You will take over own responsibilities in projects, estimate developing tasks on your own and giving other coworkers advice on their work
  • You’ll be reviewing code from other co-workers
  • When working on client-projects you will be part of communication with their project manager, joining conference calls/meetings on status update, time estimation and project management


  • Very good experience with Backend-Frameworks (e.g. GO, PHP (+ Laravel))
  • Some experience with Frontend-Frameworks (e.g. React, React Native, Flutter, VueJs)
  • Ability to independently work on tasks
  • Ability to happily share your knowledge with team members
  • Communication skills for constructive team feedback and client calls
  • Good understanding when taking over own responsibilities in client projects
  • Strong interests in web-developing tooling, languages, frameworks
  • Familiar with agile software developing methods
  • Eager to try and learn new stuff
  • Continuous independent learning
  • Remote-work environments are cool for you
  • Fluent in English and German
  • Living in the European Union

About Us

hubblr is a young company with a lot of passion for software developing and innovation. As an independent, young and agile team we develop with our clients comprehensive software applications while also consulting them in topics like product market fit, UI/UX-design and strategic software development.

The hubblr team loves and lives product innovation. Therefore we also work on our own, internal projects creating new business models, testing them in their market segments and, if successful responses are measured, we bring them together to life.

How to Apply

Does this position sound like a good fit? Email us at join@hubblr.io

  • Include this role’s title in your subject line (it’ll help us to sort through the emails).
  • Please indicate where you found this job offer.
  • Let us know in a short intro what your motivation and skills are and why you think this role could fit to you!
  • Include a phone number and times we can reach you best
  • If you wish you can share more information (e.g. CV, cool stuff you worked on – but this is NOT mandatory)

How will the application process look like?

Our aspiration to a good job application process will guide you from your initial email to a final job offer within 3-4 weeks.

Weekly Screening (up to 1 week)
You can expect us to screen your application within one week.
You’ll definitely hear from us – no matter the outcome of our decision
First Round: Cultural Fit (1 meeting)
You get to meet one of our hiring managers (see above ????) in a 30 – 45 min google meeting where we’ll discusswhy you want to work at hubblr
personal values & cultural fit
overview about hubblr & our clients
overview about your job @hubblr and future perspective
Second Round: Job Fit (1-2 weeks)
We’ll evaluate with you how well you fit to the job at hubblrDepending on the type of job you’re applying for this might includeCoding challenge (typically 1 week time to work on it) (for Coding related jobs)
Discussion about job related tasks & approaches to your work and solutions
The round will end with a meeting where we can talk aboutthe job fit
further questions / expectations / start date
Final Decision (up to 1 week)
We’ll discuss within our team your fit
We’ll reach back to you within a week after the second round